Create And Sell Dope Beats Online

Without The Confusion and Frustration of Wondering Where to Start


Learn the 3 Secrets to Creating and Selling Beats Online in just 30 mins and make money in your sleep.

What You’ll Discover

The 5 Tools
Every Music Producer Must Have

Discover the five pieces of equipment of a super producer. (Every hot producer you know uses these tools!)

How To Create
A Dope Beat

Learn the recipe of how to produce a fire hot beat from scratch. (It Works Every Time!)

Sell Your Beats To Your Fans

How to sell beats online (and make money in your sleep!)

Let's develop a skill so you can change the world with your music and get paid while doing it.

In this FREE cast study workshop, I'll show you.

    The pieces of equipment you’ll need to get started creating beats
    How to get those beats out of your head and record them to a Daw.
    How to construct a beat and where to start.
    The new formula music producers are using to sell their beats on autopilot.

    Music production is what I do. I've been creating beats for over 10 years and I've found a strategy to sell my beats online while gaining fans in the process. I'm here to show you how to do the same. 

    Start creating and selling beats online today!

    the guide - treboey

    Watch the FREE workshop to learn the 3 secrets to create a dependable income!

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