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Under the mentorship of Treboey Music, you’ll learn how to rock with what you got, put in the work, and quickly become a beat-making beast.

Our A to Z Music Producer’s Masterclass takes an aspiring beatmaker and turns them into a SUPA-PRODUCER. For more advanced beat creators, we offer course bundles that are more in line with their skill set, like selling, marketing, and getting those paying fans.

PLUS! Every aspiring beatmaker who enrolls in one of our music producer bundles will gain exclusive access to the SUPA-PRODUCER peer-to-peer mentorship Facebook group for life!

“Don’t spend a couple of racks on tools you don’t know how to use yet — invest in your music knowledge.”

Top 5 Music Production Tips For New Music Producers —Platinum Lyrics and Beats Podcast

“Don’t spend a couple of racks on tools you don’t know how to use yet — invest in your music knowledge.”

Top 5 Music Production Tips For New Music Producers —Platinum Lyrics and Beats Podcast

Do You Know the Top Mistake Most
New Producers Make?

They don’t use the studio gear they already have. They spend racks on new, expensive equipment, and don’t prioritize expanding their music knowledge. It’s a rookie mistake because it won’t matter how high-tech their gear is, dusty tracks don’t sell.

If you want to stop playing yourself, get a mentor and stop wasting your dollars.

Become a SUPA-PRODUCER with the Treboey Method


Get Your Mind Right

In today’s cutthroat industry, it takes both skill and mindset to succeed like Pharrell, Dr Dre, and Timbaland. That’s why teaching the SUPA-PRODUCER mindset is the starting point of all of our learning paths.

You’ll learn the invaluable mental skills a SUPA-PRODUCER uses to push through complications like beat-block and everyday producer challenges.

You gotta have grit— a strong mindset.

Make Dope Beats
Help yourself start making dope beats that actually sell by taking our Producer Type quiz. Once you discover what kind of producer you are, we’ll start the lessons in an order that makes sense for your career focus.

I’ll guide you on how to make dope beats that sell, by teaching you the secret formula to creating Hip-hop beats, how to listen to music with a producer’s ear, and teaching you how to customize your studio set-up and equipment.

Sell Them in Your Sleep
If you earn even 1% of what the online beats industry generates, you’ll make $30,000 a year in passive income. That’s nothing to blink at.

So let’s get you started creating dope beats and earning an income off your new skills by doing what you love. I’ll guide you step-by-step through the process I take before I upload my beats online. And when you’re ready I’ll explain how to set up funnels and market your music to loyal fans who are ready to support your brand and buy your beats.


When I first started out, I thought the beats in my head would be easy to pull out if I had the right equipment. So I dropped some serious money on my first midi-controller, only to discover that it wasn’t that simple. Expensive equipment can’t make up for a lack of skill or the wrong mindset. A lot of work had to be done before I mastered that keyboard and out of that came the SUPA-PRODUCER Blueprint.

Now, I coach my students through the SUPA-PRODUCER Blueprint, so they can limit the frustrations that come with learning something new.


How can I create dope beats from scratch?

How can I mix a fire beat that’s radio ready?
What strategies can I use to promote my beats on social media?

How can I make money from my beats in my sleep?

How can I produce for my favorite rapper?

I got you and all your questions. Download the FREE guide and let’s get to it!

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I’m breaking it all down in this free guide so you can start creating beats TODAY that make you money in your sleep.



With Treboey Music as your mentor and Aspire Producer’s Lab as the classroom, you’ll master the A’s to the Z’s of music production and develop the mindset of a SUPA-PRODUCER.

SUPA-PRODUCER never quit.

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I Use the Treboey Music Method Because it Made Me a SUPA-PRODUCER

I dove into the A-Z music producers master class with a burning desire to overcome the hurdles I faced setting up my studio correctly, mastering the art of arranging, and mixing tracks within my DAW. This course exceeded my expectations in every way. It provided an abundance of valuable information, delivered with meticulous attention to detail, making it remarkably easy to follow and comprehend. Through the journey, I not only honed my music production skills but also gained invaluable insights into the virtue of patience and the determination required to craft exceptional beats. Without a doubt, I wholeheartedly endorse TreBoey as a mentor in the music production industry. His guidance has been transformative. What truly sets this course apart is its affordability without compromising on quality. It equipped me with the knowledge and skills needed to propel my music production journey to the next level. I couldn’t be more satisfied.

Kyle Kelly
A to Z Masterclass Student

As a coffee professional, I host a coffee talk radio show on the weekends, and I partnered with Treboey to create my intro as well as most of my music on the show and the experience was amazing! Treboey was the consummate professional in internalizing my vision and delivering the music and soundtrack in a way that creates a unique sound for my show and I am thankful! He is consistently creating music that speaks to the soul of both an individual and an organization and it truly inspires the spirit. This is not even music—it is more like a flow of naturally matching sounds, whose overall shape is sometimes mysterious, or sometimes sincerely open in melody.

Keith Hawkins
KYOK Radio - Koffee with Keith

Treboey is an extraordinarily gifted music producer who’s work ethic is impeccable. The knowledge and passion that he has for creating music is remarkable. His level of persistence, professionalism and patience supersedes any music producer that I’ve worked with on a filming project. Due to those attributes aforementioned I would recommend Treboey to share his knowledge to other music producers in the industry.

Fredrick Alanzo
REALM Motion Pictures

Working with Treboey is always BOMB. He is pleasant, enthusiastic, and a lover of his craft. He spends countless hours perfecting his beats and writing music. He is open to corrective criticism but also knows when he has a masterpiece. His artistry is genuine, well planned and thought out. That is why his music flows effortlessly.

I’ve worked with Treboey on 2 of my projects. When SIST’us Cry and Dance Cries. His songs just FIT. Whatever I’m searching for….he has it. We create good content together.

Jamye Doss