The Man Behind Aspire Producer’s Lab


Whatever struggle you’re going through as an aspiring music producer— I’ve been there too.

The Treboey Music Story

From Aspiring to SUPA-PRODUCER

Why I Do What I Do
Throwing away my First Synthesizer
Beats That Weren’t Selling
It's my mission to make music that makes the world a better place.
Playing the drums in church as a child, I got real familiar with making music that moved others. In fact, my parent's love of music inspired me to play the drums in the first place. One of the first projects I dropped was "All I Need", and it continues to attract streamers to this day. Intentional music is powerful. It changes people. The beats you produce could change the world, and I want to help.

Keith Hawkins | KYOK Radio - Koffee with Keith
As a coffee professional, I host a coffee talk radio show on the weekends, and I partnered with Treboey to create my intro as well as most of my music on the show and the experience was amazing! Treboey was the consummate professional in internalizing my vision and delivering the music and soundtrack in a way that creates a unique sound for my show and I am thankful! He is consistently creating music that speaks to the soul of both an individual and an organization and it truly inspires the spirit. This is not even music—it is more like a flow of naturally matching sounds, whose overall shape is sometimes mysterious, or sometimes sincerely open in melody.
I didn't throw away my first synthesizer, but I nearly did.

Most people used the Triton synthesizer when I started producing beats. Instead of ordering that, I bought the newly released Motif 6. I wanted my music to have the highest quality sound it could.

In hindsight, going with the lesser-known option as an aspiring music producer wasn't my best idea. The frustration got real when I realized there wasn't material to study up on. Resources like Youtube weren't like they are today. I was calling Yamaha almost every day, and that high-tech piece of equipment almost went out the window.

Jamye Doss | Playwright
Working with Treboey is always BOMB. He is pleasant, enthusiastic, and a lover of his craft. He spends countless hours perfecting his beats and writing music. He is open to corrective criticism but also knows when he has a masterpiece. His artistry is genuine, well-planned, and thought out. That is why his music flows effortlessly. I’ve worked with Treboey on 2 of my projects. When SIST’us Cry and Dance Cries. His songs just FIT. Whatever I’m searching for....he has it. We create good content together.
A big struggle I had as an aspiring music producer was getting my beats out there.
I was making beats consistently at this point but they were just sitting there unheard of and gathering dust. In no way was I earning a passive income from producing beats. At least not yet. Then I found this online course and discovered a mentor who changed everything for me. There are many producers who can teach you how to make music. However, there are few that focus on teaching you how to market your music, drive sales, and put dollars in the bank. This mentor did that for me, and now I do the same for others.
Fredrick Alanzo | REALM Motion Pictures
Treboey is an extraordinarily gifted music producer who's work ethic is impeccable. The knowledge and passion that he has for creating music is remarkable. His level of persistence, professionalism and patience supersedes any music producer that I've worked with on a filming project. Due to those attributes aforementioned I would recommend Treboey to share his knowledge to other music producers in the industry.

The SUPA-PRODUCER Tribe is a collective that embodies these core values:


We’re always coming up with original ideas and using SUPA-PRODUCER techniques to streamline our workflow and get the job done.


We put in the work to perfect our craft and it always pays off because we end up standing out from the crowd with our dope style and distinct sound.


We hold our production quality to the highest standard and it always pays off. The time a SUPA-PRODUCER puts into perfecting their craft ensures their skills and passion are never questioned.


In order to build trust between us and our clients, we always deliver on time. This means that our clients keep entrusting us with their music because they know they can count on us to deliver exceptional music on time.

Aspire Producer’s Lab

As a music producer from the dirty south who has been making and selling beats for over a decade now, I’ve learned that aspiring music producers need grit and a winning mindset to make a living in this industry. That’s why I created the Aspire Producer’s Lab; every step, from the Beginners Guide to APL’s exclusive Facebook group, shows you how to become great.

If you ever ask yourself these questions, you’re in the right place.

How can I create dope beats from scratch?

How can I mix a fire beat that’s radio ready?
What strategies can I use to promote my beats on social media?

How can I make money from my beats in my sleep?

How can I produce for my favorite rapper?

I got you and all your answers.

Don’t just sit there wondering, “What If?” Download the FREE Beginner’s Guide to Music Production and go from beat to selling beats.

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