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Explore, Learn, and Elevate Your Music Production Skills with Courses from Aspire Producer’s Lab

The A to Z Music Producer’s Masterclass

The ultimate guide to turning your passion for beats into a full-blown empire.
As a successful, self-taught music producer myself, I designed this masterclass for aspiring music producers to be straight-to-the-point, quick, and actionable.

We go from the A’s (Getting your mindset right) to the Z’s (Getting Discovered) and cover all the information in between that a beginner needs to know to start earning a passive income from their tracks.

10 Modules with over 60 Individual Lessons

More than 10 hours of online instruction

Downloadable worksheets and guidebooks for each module.
1:1 Coaching Session with Treboey
Lifetime access to the Aspire Producer’s Lab Facebook group


Music Production Bundles

Music Production Bundles

Not ready for A to Z? Check out our bundles for access to targeted lessons from the Masterclass.


Beginner’s Bundle

Get started on your music production journey with the Beginner’s Bundle, a comprehensive package designed to equip aspiring producers with the skills and mindset needed for success.

Advanced Bundle

Take your music production skills to new heights with the Advanced Bundle. This package is curated for producers seeking to refine their craft, focusing on the SUPA producer mindset and unlocking the secrets of beat mixing.


Sell Your Beats Online Bundle

Transform your passion for beats into a thriving business with our course on how to sell your beats online. This comprehensive course delves into the habits and mindset of a SUPA producer, providing in-depth insights into the music production business.

Sampling Bundle

Dive into the world of sampling with the Sampling Made Simple Bundle, a comprehensive program designed to demystify the art of sampling. Whether you’re a novice beatmaker or a seasoned producer, this bundle equips you with the skills needed to find, use, and elevate your beats through sampling.

Aspire Producer’s Lab
1:1 Mentorship Program

Elevate Your Craft with Personalized Guidance in the APL 4-Week Mentorship Program

Experience unparalleled growth in your music production journey with the Treboey 4-Week Mentorship Program. Tailored for producers seeking personalized guidance, this program offers exclusive access to Treboey’s expertise through weekly 1:1 sessions, unlimited email support, and a total of four hours of mentorship each month.

1:1 Coaching
Unlimited access via email
Personalized learning experience
$997 + or 4 weekly payments of $250