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Working with Treboey is always BOMB. He is pleasant, enthusiastic, and a lover of his craft. He spends countless hours perfecting his beats and writing music. He is open to corrective criticism but also knows when he has a masterpiece. His artistry is genuine, well planned and thought out. That is why his music flows effortlessly. 

I’ve worked with Treboey on 2 of my projects. When SIST’us Cry and Dance Cries. His songs just FIT. Whatever I’m searching for....he has it. We create good content together.

Jamye Doss

Jamye Doss | Playwright

Treboey is an extraordinarily gifted music producer who's work ethic is impeccable. The knowledge and passion that he has for creating music is remarkable. His level of persistence, professionalism and patience supersedes any music producer that I've worked with on a filming project.  Due to those attributes aforementioned I would recommend Treboey to share his knowledge to other music producers in the industry.

Fredrick Alanzo

Fredrick Alanzo | REALM Motion Pictures

As a coffee professional, I host a coffee talk radio show on the weekends, and I partnered with Treboey to create my intro as well as most of my music on the show and the experience was amazing! Treboey was the consummate professional in internalizing my vision and delivering the music and soundtrack in a way that creates a unique sound for my show and I am thankful! He is consistently creating music that speaks to the soul of both an individual  and an organization and it truly inspires the spirit. This is not even music—it is more like a flow of naturally matching sounds, whose overall shape is sometimes mysterious, or sometimes sincerely open in melody.

Keith Hawkins

Keith Hawkins | KYOK Radio - Koffee with Keith